How to buy

It is possible to buy granite crushed stone of our production in two ways, wholesale and retail.

For retail purchases it is enough to contact our sales department and reserve necessary amount of product.

To purchase wholesale consignment it is necessary to conclude delivery contract.

Further, after the full cost payment of the consignment, we provide shipment by rail or road.

To send goods by rail we have:

  • own railway station (Smolka)
  • shunting locomotive
  • more than three kilometers of own railways
  • tensor weights.

Capacity of our infrastructure allows to ship more than 100 waggon per day.

For delivery by means of vehicles we have the most convenient transport links – within five kilometers of the route of international importance Kyiv –Chop, Novograd Volyn, Zhytomyr.

Agreement of sale and purchase – Ukraine

Agreement of sale and purchase – EU

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